Safe-Strap® Shopping Cart Seat Belt

Over 20,000 children are in accidents involving shopping carts each year. Shoppers will know you care about the safety of their families when they see Safe-Strap shopping cart seat belts on your shopping carts.

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For shoppers with infants, there is no easy way to shop. Putting the carrier on top of the shopping cart puts their baby in danger of falling. Putting the carrier in the basket leaves no room for groceries. Increase your basket size and provide a safe place for baby with the Safe-Dock, infant carrier docking station for shopping carts.

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Shop-Along Shopping cart seating allows families to shop together. The Shop-Along can comfortably seat two children or one adult. Keeps kids close to their parents and gives an older shopper a way to join the shopping fun.

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If their children are safe and comfortable, shoppers will spend more time in your store and buy more.

Shopping Cart Safety

With more than 20,000 injuries to children involving shopping carts every year, shopping cart accidents are still in the top echelon of childhood accidents. Providing seat belts in good working order is very important to a significant segment of your customers. According to A.C. Nielsen, parents who shop with children who ride in shopping carts account for some 12 percent of total retail revenue.

Shopping cart safety is an issue that impacts the retailer’s brand, image and liability. It can also affect the customer experience, shopping time, loyalty and safety

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