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Sustainability means shifting our product development paradigm

At Safe-Strap we are simply designing and introducing new product alternatives that eliminate or reduce the need for other products and methods that are not sustainable.


This inexpensive, reusable and attractive product is a simple and sustainable alternative to unsustainable corrugated displays, paper base wraps and metal fixtures. Its reusability not only saves precious resources, it saves money.

Pallet Guard™


The Geo-Bin is a simple dump bin that changes shape and depth. This product takes the place of unsustainable cardboard and wire dump bins. The Geo-Bin's higher visibility and greater utility boosts sales, while helping the environment.




The Diaper Depot is a commercial baby changing table and the Shop-Along is a carrier that attaches to shopping carts that can accommodate people of all ages. What do they have in common? Both are made in a unique way to last longer.

It's all about rugged durability and a longer life span. What does that have to do with sustainability? Producing products that last 7 to 10 years, versus 1 to 3 years, yields significant reductions in waste. So lasting longer and being recyclable not only saves money on replacements; but helps reduce waste in our landfills.

Diaper-Depot®/ Shop-Along®



How do you prevent water drips and spills from floral bouquets? You could provide plastic bags; but they're not sustainable and flowers still can get crushed in the shopping cart.

A better alternative is the Flower Karry, which is a plastic cone that holds floral purchases and rests on any edge of the shopping cart. Flower Karry catches water drips and can be reused again and again...

Flower Karry®



At Safe-Strap our innovative line of in-store bags are quite extensive and offer a variety of different functions that help reduce the need for unsustainable plastic or paper bags.

Instore Reuseable Bags