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Our commitment to the retail industry began in 1983 with the invention of the world's first child safety seat belt for shopping carts.

Since then our success has set the foundation to create a company that dedicates itself to creating pioneering products that simplify the world of retail.

The seamless integration of our design, manufacture and maintenance services provide a resource that cannot be matched in the retail industry — we are one company with many product offerings and our increased product range integrates across all channels of retail.

Our mission is to provide our valued clients with the most innovative products and the highest quality of service to make shopping safe and convenient just as we have since we were founded three decades ago.

We understand that the world of retail can be a complicated place. At Safe-Strap™ we are committed to simplifying it.


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Our highly skilled engineers respond to the ever changing retail landscape with constant innovation harnessing the latest in materials and technology.

Our market driven approach to solving retail design problems is underpinned by a commitment to raising the bar in the industry in terms of safety, liability, consumer convenience and operational efficiency.



All Safe-Strap products are rigorously tested for performance, durability and safety by independent facilities in the United States and throughout the world.

Testing consistently confirms our products either meet or exceed all applicable industry safety and performance standards, as well as the higher level of reliabilty and performance our customers have come to expect.



Safe-Strap's production facilities have produced quality products for our valued customers since 1983.



At Safe-Strap our ongoing commitment to improved performance through innovation is reflected in all of our products and product's features. Many of the items that are common place in retail stores all over the world today were first developed and introduced by Safe-Strap. These include shopping cart seat belts, child resistant buckles, no-tools one-piece fastening systems, Label Largers, amusement ride restraints, Pallet-Guards, Flower Karry's, nestable infant seats and Shop-Along people carriers that attach to shopping carts; and many others.