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Pallet Guard

The Pallet Guard from our Display Fixtures product line offers easy to use, sustainable choices to enhance your store’s appearance at an affordable price.

The Adjustable Pallet Guard allows you to safely drop pallets of product right on the store floor. Doing so instantly creates highly visible displays that eliminate the need for time consuming shelf stacking. The Pallet Guard hides the unsightly pallet and protects the merchandise from being damaged by carts as well as reducing the risk of shopper trip and falls.

  • Create instant and highly visible displays.
  • Reduce the risk of shopper trips and falls.
  • Protects merchandise from shopping cart damage.
  • Selling straight from the pallet is now safe and easy.
  • Eliminate shelf stacking time and labor.
  • Unify store design and visual appeal
  • Each durable panel can be used again and again.
  • Reduce equipment costs and get a high ROI for equipment
  • Available in a wide choice of colors
  • Adjustable panels fit a wide variety of pallets.
  • Go around one pallet or connect several Pallet Guards to protect multiple pallets.
  • Pallet Guard’s modular panels adjust to form a custom, secure fit.
  • Panels may be joined to form a corner or a continuous edge for extra large displays.
  • Pallets of any shape and size are instantly transformed into striking product displays.
  • Custom Branding Available
  • Sustainable Product
  • Custom colors available