Sustainability means shifting the product development paradigm. At Safe-Strap we design products that eliminate or reduce the need for other products and methods that are not sustainable. Through design innovations, our products enjoy a long life cycle. Safe-Strap is committed to developing innovative green product solutions utilizing the latest advances in safe environmentally sound manufacturing and design.

Pallet Guard Trisign

Pallet Guard™

Reduces the need for disposable cardboard base wrap around pallets. Allows appropriate CPG manufacturers to bulk ship product and eliminate inner cardboard cartons. Reduce POP and Cardboard with all items that are stackable. High Impact/High Density Pallet Guards can be used over and over again.

Shop-Along III


It’s all about rugged durability and a longer life span. What does that have to do with sustainability? Producing products that last seven to ten years, versus one to three years, yields significant reductions in waste. Longer-lasting and recyclable products not only save money on replacements, but also help reduce waste in our landfills.

Diaper-Depot Oval


Designed to dramatically extend the product life cycle and with materials that are fully recyclable (and in demand), the Diaper-Depot participates in closed loop recycling programs, further reducing our company’s carbon footprint.

Flower Karry

Flower Karry®

How do you prevent water drips and spills from floral bouquets? You could provide plastic bags, but they’re not sustainable and flowers still can be crushed in the shopping cart. A better alternative is the Flower Karry: Flower Karry catches water drips and can be reused again and again.



Reusable Geo-Bin takes the place of the cardboard dump bins. Stores flat. Change the signs for each new campaign.

Shopping Bags

In Store Shopping Bags

At Safe-Strap our innovative line of in-store bags are quite extensive and offer a variety of different functions that help reduce the need for unsustainable plastic or paper bags.