Give your customers a way to shop Safer, Longer and Increase their Basket Size.

We all know that despite the warnings, parents continue to put infant seats on shopping carts. As a result, hundreds of preventable accidents occur to infants in retail stores each year. The Safe-Dock™ is the first car seat docking station for shopping carts. It securely contains infant carriers, allowing parents with children to conveniently transition from car to cart for a simpler and safer shopping experience.

When shoppers use the basket for baby, there is no room for groceries.

No Room For Groceries

With Safe-Dock, the entire basket is ready to be filled with their shopping.

  • Infant carrier transitions from car to cart simply and safely.
  • More sanitary and durable then previous in-store infant carriers.
  • Easily nests to conserve floor space.

Shoppers can see how easy it is to use the Safe-Dock™ with this video

  • Engineered for durability and long life.
  • Heavy-duty harness secures the infant carrier to the Safe-Dock™.
  • Instructions and warnings permanently attached.
  • Meets all applicable standards and regulations.
  • Easily attaches to your existing shopping carts.

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