Fall Stop®

The most innovative shopping cart restraint system ever created.  Unlike traditional seat belts, the Fall Stop allows total upper body movement and lets a kid act like a kid.

Fall Stop
  • Quick and Easy: Fall Stop® is easy to use and faster to engage than any type of seat belt.
  • Fall Stop® is more comfortable for a child than any type of seat belt and allows kids to move their upper body.
  • The initial adjustment of Fall Stop® is not dependent on the child’s upper body position as it is with any type of seat belt.
  • Kids like to turn from side to side and lean forward to hold the handle. No type of seat belt allows for that….Fall Stop® does!
  • Available in several configurations to work with all shopping carts.
  • Heavy duty commercial grade plastic.
  • Impact tested to 50,000 nesting’s.
  • Higher level of safety than a traditional shopping cart restraint.

To see how Fall Stop® works, check out this video